There are several ways you can use the CBD flower. Meanwhile, the most common ways to use CBD flowers are by vaping and smoking. Even though vaping and smoking are the commonest ways to use CBD flowers, many people don’t know the difference.

Vaping is not smoking, even though they appear to be similar. There are some key differences between vaping and smoking you should know. Read and learn how to use the CBD flower, including the difference between vaping and smoking.

Vaping vs Smoking the CBD flower

Vaping and smoking in the CBD have their pros and cons. Meanwhile, smoking appears to be more popular than vaping. Learn more below.


Vaping the CBD flower simply requires heating the botanical material to the point where it doesn’t burn; instead, it produces steam. The steam from the process contains the activated cannabis compounds. Vaping appears to be safer and healthier. Experts believe vaping is better because it doesn’t contain any material; it only produces steam.

On the other hand, smoking means burning the botanical material until it produces smoke that may be harmful to the lungs. Mind you, CBD flowers don’t contain harmful substances like nicotine, but burning the botanical material is what may not be healthy.


Smoking the CBD buds is done the same way you smoke cannabis. It requires crushing it, rolling it, and lighting it up. After lighting it up, you will draw the smoke from the other end and blow it in the air. Smoking the CBD flower immediately burns it compared to vaping, which allows you to use the flower more than once.

For most environmentalists, smoking may not appear decent because they believe it is polluting the environment. Currently, smoking the CBD flower is out of fashion. Vaping makes you look cool and clean. The major downside of vaping is that the vaporizer can be expensive. The botanical material used for smoking the CBD is cheaper than the vaporizer.

Varieties of CBD in the market

Unfortunately, many people don’t know that CBD plants have various species. Also, each CBD flower has a unique chemical profile, and the taste is not always the same. Some of the types of CBD flowers in the market are:

  • Charlotte Web: It contains about 17 percent CBD and is low in THC. It also has caryophyllene and beta-myrcene, which give it a unique aroma.
  • Harlequin: The harlequin is good for treating psychological disorders. It also contains myrcene and a-pinene.
  • Cannatonic: This type of CBD flower is obtained by crossing two plants. One has a high CBD level, while the other contains MK Ultra.

There are numerous varieties of CBD flowers in the market. It’s not possible to outline all the CBD flowers in this piece. You can find top-notch CBD plants from online shops.


The CBD flower is best used the way your physician prescribes it. Vaping is becoming the best option for most people because it allows you to reuse the buds.


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