You are fed up with tap water which tastes bad in your mouth and smells quite confusing, but you also don’t want to drink bottled water every day because of the plastic waste generated? Note that the solution is to adopt the filter jug. Currently, this equipment is more and more sophisticated to meet individual requirements. In fact, new things often appear.

What is a filter jug?

The filter jug ​​is a device designed to filter and purify tap water which, even subject to several checks before arriving at home, has elements that we would not like to find in our body. It filters limestone, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals (copper, lead, aluminum, etc.) and other organic impurities, while preserving magnesium. Tap water is thus more drinkable and healthier, with better taste and odorless. To achieve this, the filter jug ​​is equipped with filters composed of ion exchange resin and activated carbon like the filters. The other advantage of this accessory is that it does not damage household appliances such as kettle or coffee maker with scale. However, we would like to point out that the filter jug ​​cannot make water non-potable, potable. In addition, it is mandatory to change the filter cartridges at least once a month (use equivalent to 100 L of water) and to drink the water 24 hours after filtration, 48 hours if it is kept in the fridge. Ecological and economical, this equipment deserves its place with us.

All the news to know

carafe filtrante
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The filter carafe made its first appearance in France more than 25 years ago. Since then, it has never stopped reinventing itself, but without ever losing its main function, which is to filter tap water. Models are increasingly equipped with new technologies to meet the needs of consumers. Some manufacturers offer modern filter jugs that can be controlled remotely through a dedicated application. There are also filter jugs with water volume display or cartridge change indicator. It is still not uncommon to find models with a sliding cover. Some current filter jugs are mobile or have a wall bracket. If you don’t want to bother with electrical wires, there are models without plugs. To simplify maintenance, some models are dishwasher safe. Let’s not forget the basic features like the anti-drip spout and the ergonomic handle. For people always looking for elegance even in their kitchen, the filter jug ​​now sports a pretty design. More aesthetic, more practical and less bulky, it now finds a special place in the kitchen.


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