CO2 is in excess in the atmosphere, but this is not the case in the food industry where it is crucial. Indeed, it is more and more complicated to have it because of the rise in the price of natural gas which is essential to its manufacture. The shortage is beginning to be seen especially in the agri-food sector where CO2 is important to preserve foodstuffs and to carbonate drinks. To avoid this, several solutions are possible.

The rise in the price of natural gas

For industry, CO2, also known as carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide, is created with ammonia, a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen from natural gas. It should be noted that natural gas is made of 80% ammonia. The price of this gas continues to climb due to the geopolitical situation, particularly in Ukraine. We know that in a few weeks, the price of a tonne of CO2 has gone from 100 euros to more than 3,000 euros. The rise is inevitable. Due to this, many factories have stopped production as it is no longer profitable. Therefore, all sectors that depend on this product are facing difficulties, especially the food industry. You will have more information by reading the article why is there a co2 shortage ?

Beers and sparkling drinks

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CO2 is essential to produce sparkling drinks. It is also essential for breweries. Admittedly, part of the carbon dioxide is produced during fermentation thanks to the yeasts, but it is not enough for the beer to be sparkling. You have to add carbon dioxide. It is true that at present, it is not yet complicated to obtain supplies, but the threat is there. Let’s not forget that it is also used to preserve food, to make artificial ice and to stun animals before slaughtering them. Also, the pharmaceutical sector needs this gas. The risk of shortage can therefore complicate things. If this happens, sectors must be prioritized, considering the health and pharmaceutical sectors first. You are invited to discover Greenly.

Solutions to the CO2 shortage

It is impossible to predict when the price of carbon dioxide will drop. To avoid the shortage of CO2, the solution is to capture and reuse CO2. It is also excellent for the preservation of the environment. You should know that for breweries, carbon dioxide is released during fermentation, but it is not recovered. This CO2 recovery solution is currently being considered, and this makes it possible to be self-sufficient, or at least to require less external CO2. However, this requires a substantial investment. The other solution is to replace the ammonia with bioethanol and ethylene oxide, but the CO2 released is still insufficient. Nitrogen can also replace it, but it is not a cheap product. It is true that CO2 has a bad press, but to complete these previous solutions in order to face the shortage is to no longer see it as waste. It can become a valuable resource.


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