The past decade is universally recognized as the hottest ever. And 2020 is particularly for France the year of the greatest heat on record. Experts say the situation will be more enslaving if the world stands idly by.

The year 2021 may be the ideal year to organize better in order to reduce global warming as much as possible.

Should we review our ambitions (upwards)?

If, despite the arrangements that have been made, things have not really changed, it would be better to review the aspirations. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is at the heart of the Paris Agreement and COOP 21. The observation is that this roadmap is not being followed by the States. The new climate law sets the bar high and perhaps will allow individual countries to work hard to get there.

By 2030, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions should be between 40 and 60%. For this to be evident, governments will need to place particular emphasis on renewable energies and get people to embrace them. Energy consumption must be moderate and regulations relating to the protection of the environment or biodiversity must be strict. In the area of ​​transport, tougher laws must tackle air pollution.

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In the hope of a COOP-26

With the current realities across the world, initiatives are being taken from all sides. A COOP 26, which is eagerly awaiting, will be effective so that the various States take themselves seriously with regard to environmental issues. Although the pandemic has been the cause of the postponement of certain dates, the year 2021 is potentially the year in which major decisions will be executed.

This year will not only be for the application of principles and rules, but it will also be dedicated to investment. States will put their hands in their pockets so that climatic irregularities are reduced. It should be noted that the actions will have more value. Rigor, commitment and determination will be there. The process might seem long, but it is promising.

France out of step with the principles

At first glance, France should be the country that would not hesitate to invest in climate and ecology. But the reality shows the opposite. It is one of the countries which advocates and encourages the protection of the environment. In the app itself is not a good example.

We absolutely must not forget the fact that it is “host country of COP-21”. It should be the country that clings to ecological and climatic values. Unfortunately, it may be lagging behind in this area compared to other nations (states) that have embraced this vision. Her commitment in 2015 has not been in the same flame for a few years and Marine Pouget has understood it well. It is for this reason that she thinks that France is “in decline” compared to this commitment. There is already a non-respect of the rules at the level of the Citizen’s Convention for the climate. Which is a perfect illustration of the fact that she is a “bad student”.

Environmentalists will now have to play a major role in the face of these difficulties. Therefore, they must be mutually agreed in the choice of decisions. EELV executives need to be able to get along well or else the goals may fall apart again. Concretely, the absence of picrocholine wars within the environmental community is ideally expected.


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