The coronavirus pandemic has not left France economically indifferent. Closed shops and offices have done more or less damage to the economy. Entrepreneurship is a way to revive this economy, according to the president of Adie. He relies heavily on local entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship in the face of confinement

There was a sudden stop during the lockdown and no one wanted it. But due to unemployment and job losses, business creation will resume at a rapid pace. This has been evident since the summer. The appetite is special and strong at these times and many people prefer to go about their own business. In 2021, the local entrepreneurs who seem invisible are those who will ensure the economic succession.


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Local entrepreneurs are the hope of economic recovery

Frédéric Lavenir thinks that local entrepreneurs have an important role to play in this direction. No underestimation should be made in relation to the products that these entrepreneurs market. Whatever the activity or the product, each of them has their brick to contribute to this edification. Frédéric Lavenir in these words gives certainty that the revival of the economy cannot be done without local entrepreneurs.

This is also explained by the fact that it has a large number of people in the neighborhoods doing businesses. These different businesses contribute enormously to economic wealth. According to the estimates he revealed, half of the annual creations are launched with at least 8,000 euros. However, each year, the number of business creations is 800,000.

The majority of these entrepreneurs bring local benefits that will be hard to deny. Entrepreneurship, although economic, is above all human. It is based on human relations and exchanges. An economy that is based on human values ​​is well suited for sustainable development.

Do entrepreneurs always have the same motivations?

Adie has supported and funded 50,000 entrepreneurs for whom entrepreneurship is first and foremost a job. That is to say a job of one’s own to earn a living (independence and freedom). So this is a way for these aspirants to accomplish wonderful things and achieve success in their lives.

Young people do much more to avoid expecting a job and find a solution to their problem of unemployment and underemployment. With employees losing their livelihoods in recent months, the need to do it yourself is growing. The concept of the entrepreneur is a very popular societal topic today.

Employees are no longer seen as tradesmen as they used to be. The wage system is seen as a kind of modern slave. And reality shows that entrepreneurship is more profitable than salaried workers. For three to four years, creators have been developing new motivations that seem more exceptional. They are starting a business that is in line with their worldview, values ​​and skills.

Today, a case can easily collapse due to the lack of skills of the initiator. Above all, the entrepreneur must understand all the realities relating to the sector in which he operates. These different arrangements make it possible to avoid errors and anticipate possible failures.

Is starting a business possible for everyone?

Since the entrepreneurial reality has become quite important for the economy, the curiosity is about accessibility. The president of Abie has not hesitated to demonstrate that this is indeed possible and accessible. But, he adds, there are some administrative, financial and political hurdles that need to be overcome. France has done work to that end, but there is still more.

Although creation is accessible, it must be recognized that support is the key to business success.


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