In an outdoor environment, tiling is a preferred type of coating. There are currently many types of tiling that can sublimate the entire exterior area of a home.

Thus, the characteristics of tiling make it an essential covering in environments exposed to external disasters.

On this, through this article, we will learn how to find good outdoor tiles.

What are the destinations for exterior tiling?

The destination area is a first thing to consider when choosing exterior tiling. Indeed, the coating for a terrace is not similar to the coating for a swimming pool. Even on the terrace, there is a difference between sheltered and unsheltered.

To give value to outdoor furniture, you can opt for metal look tiles in light gray or light beige.

For an unsheltered terrace, tiles of intermediate tone are to be preferred. For this, beige, gray, taupe and cream tones are perfect. Indeed, it is not very advisable to choose colors that are too light. These colors may reflect too much light. However, one should not also choose too dark tones because they store too much heat.

What are the standards to consider when choosing your exterior tiles?

In addition to aesthetics, the properties of the tiles are also points to consider when choosing the right outdoor tiles on tinker-boutique..

So, you have to take into account the level of slipperiness of the tiles before choosing them. There is the R classification, varies from R9 to R13, which measures the slip resistance of the tiles. For an outdoor location, it is strongly forbidden to choose R9 classification tiling.

For a terrace or balcony, you can opt for R10 or R11 classification tiles. But for the surroundings of a swimming pool, subject to humidity, one must opt for R12 or R13 tiles.

In addition to the slip resistance classification, there are other standards to consider when choosing the right exterior tile: the PEI and UPEC standards. These two standards generally focus on the resistance of tiles to external impact.

What styles for exterior tiling?

Distributors, like Tinker, are constantly seeking and selling tiles that can add character to any outdoor area. To sublimate a terrace or around a swimming pool, there is a wide possibility.

For this, there is the natural stone effect tile. Laid as exterior tiling, this type of coating provides a timeless and elegant look. Thus, it can bring a zen and natural atmosphere to the outdoor environment to make it a real space of relaxation.

In addition, one can also choose terracotta tiles. With its variation in a wide variety of warm colors, terracotta tiles offer a warm atmosphere to the outdoor area of a home. This type of coating can be combined harmoniously with modern and designer outdoor furniture. 


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