In all areas, several mobile applications have been developed to make everyday life more pleasant. All human beings have one basic need for food. Thus, there are applications that provide different power solutions. Check out three of them here that can improve your days.

1- Yuka

Yuka is an application that you can find on Playstore and Apple Store. It is very useful for shopping in supermarkets. In addition to being free, Yuka informs you about the dangerousness of the foods that you put in your basket or in your shopping cart at the supermarket.

All you have to do is open the Yuka application and scan the barcode of the product you wish to purchase. This way, the entire product information sheet is presented to you on your device. Yuka gives an indication of the quality of the food on a bar from 0 to 100 involving four qualifiers. These qualifiers or ratings are: poor, bad, good, and excellent. As a user, you will have direct access to the various characteristics (qualities and defects) of the product. You will know the number of calories per 100g, the presence of protein, salt, sugar, fiber, etc.

You can also identify food additives. These are determined by four aspects: limited risk, moderate risk, no risk, high risk.

In case the product poses huge health risks, Yuka offers you similar items which on the other hand are favorable for robust health.

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2- Too Good To Go

This application is specially made to limit food waste. In shops, supermarkets and restaurants, food wastage is very regular. This way of disposing of products is often linked to the fact that the expiry date of the latter are relatively close.

If you are sensitive to this reality, you can use Too Good to Go to buy these products in case you are a little broke in a certain period. This will save you money, as these products are generally sold at a very affordable cost. Even if your wallet did not allow you to buy such a product, you can now do it because it is so cheaply.

When the premises close, you can very quickly pick up your basket after paying. It is important to specify that you must have a good connection otherwise you will not be able to validate the collection. Likewise, if you are not on time, this app may not be for you because you have to pick up purchases at a certain time.

3- Cook & Lift

Cook & Lift is an excellent application for athletes who combine diet and exercise to achieve performance. This app provides users with special recipes that are tailored to the fitness or bodybuilding program they are following. Very often there are athletes who do not know what type of food is compatible with the different activities they do. With Cook & Lift, they will know what to eat and how to eat it according to the program they are following.

From this app you can do a search and find the right diet for you based on your expectations. Precisely, for bodybuilding, you must know beforehand the type of silhouette you want. It offers two sections, “the mass phase” dedicated to lasting bodybuilding and “the dry phase” dedicated to obtaining prominent muscles.

This tool gives you the possibility to create an account and to join the community. Therefore, you will have access to some interesting articles which deal with different types of foods (their contribution, usefulness and importance, etc.).



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