America’s ecological challenges date back a very long time, and every government is working for this cause. After beating his competitor, Joe Biden is probably the president who wants to ensure the ecological succession of the United States. According to his words, he is joining the Paris Agreement for a greener future. What are Joe Biden’s plans and ambitions for the environment?

Two trillion dollars for a green recovery plan

Joe Biden wants to make a huge investment in the ecological transition of the United States. To this end, he will appear at Congress to announce a specific green recovery plan with a budget of $ 2 trillion. According to his forecasts, this plan will be carried out over four years.

The President of the United States is also embarking on the same environmental vision as the European Union. It aims by 2050, carbon neutrality for the United States. Through this environmental goal, it also creates millions of jobs.

Also to put an end to carbon emissions, he plans to make multiple suitable proposals for fully carbon-free electricity. This ambition begins at the start of his mandate and will be achievable by 2035. Unlike Joe Biden, Donald Trump asked Congress in 2018 to revise downward the financing of renewable energies (72%).

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Renewable energies to the detriment of fossil fuels

The promotion of renewable energies is increasingly strong. They benefit the environment and save the world from excessive greenhouse gas emissions. On October 22, 2020, the ruling president declared that the oil industry is a huge source of pollution. He would like his country to turn away from this industry gradually.

He is even preparing to shut down projects like the Keystone XL pipeline, which in one way or another is a drag on the atmosphere. He did not come to put aside all the policies of the former White House tenants.

Rather, he takes inspiration from the good side of their actions and challenges anything that seems less effective. Therefore, it has a special program of wonderful low-energy housing constructions. On the other hand, it will encourage American citizens to opt for electric vehicles. This initiative will be beneficial, as sales of electric vehicles fell between 2018 and 2019 by a rate of 6.8%. These reforms have a double advantage, because they go in the direction of environmental protection and job creation. It is estimated that nearly ten million jobs will be created for this purpose.

Currently, the renewable energy sector has three million workers.

A vision that crosses borders

Democrats have confessed that Joe Biden does not want to limit this vision to the state stage.

Its goal is to get other states to follow in its footsteps. This idea consists of making these various environmental projects international. It cannot be denied that environmental problems are not the business of one state. Joe Biden will not hesitate to encourage several nations to follow suit. If all the countries of the world do their utmost to save the environment, the difficulties will be reduced in no time.

The will, the commitment and the determination of the government of the day are seen everywhere as a positive sign for the world.

The populations hope that Joe Biden keeps his word since the environmental policy of his predecessor was not at all pleasant. Given the integrity and loyalty that the current President of the United States embodies, it’s easy to say that he will do his best to make the environment sector shine.



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