Since 2000, Fooding has marked its presence in gastronomy with the idea of ​​bringing modernity and above all positive change. It has been 20 years since this mission began. How to explain this revolution he made during these years?

Promotion of gastronomy

At one time precisely in the early 2000s, other art forms such as music and fashion were really winning. However, gastronomy was still found in the class of the devalued. To put an end to this so-called artistic discrimination, Fooding was invented. The passion with which these forerunners showcased it was impressive. Since then, the cord-blues sector has started (little by little) to establish itself as authentic and complete art.

Alexandre Callas, the founder of Fooding, did not hesitate to relive the nostalgia for this time which was really painful for the masters of the kitchen. He specifies that these moments were marked by shame and that it was necessary to create Fooding to change everything. A creation that according to him was saving. Today, he expresses his pride in this fight, the victory of which was not necessarily predictable. The beginnings of this innovation were very hard, but the main thing lies in the success that is obtained.


modernisation de la gastronomie française
Crédit : Pixabay

The creativity of terms and concepts

The gastronomic dictionary is exceptional today and Fooding has contributed to it. Terms and concepts have been innovated in order to make the vocabulary of this art richer. These are, for example, “Sophistroquet”, “Cave à manger” and others.

But one of the most popular concepts is “Bistronomie”. This word was first used by Sébastien Demorand (Food Journalist) during an important meeting. This concept has had a lot of notoriety. It is the osmosis of the terms “Bistro” and “Gastronomy”. This new way of cooking has given meaning to the lives of many people. It allowed people from more or less disadvantaged categories to enjoy good food at reasonable prices.

We can even speak of a democratization of gastronomy at accessibility costs. Emmanuel Rubin considers bistronomy to be the very “personality” of Fooding as a whole. With this trend, people eat well under adequate conditions and do not spend enough.

Sociability and collectivism at the right time

Fooding won people’s hearts because the people who came together for this revolution were very dynamic. Team spirit, solidarity and unanimity are the key words or the embodiment of Fooding. Collective intelligence allowed these volunteers for change to be able to bring something more to what existed before. All the steps have been taken excluding individualism and appealing to collectivism. Several categories of people have worked with this group. These include journalists, illustrators, chefs, etc.

The Fooding collective is vast and enormous. Fooding now has millions of euros thanks to this openness and lack of ego vis-à-vis the outside world. He even goes beyond the collective and today represents a generation of cooks who over time improves their skills.

modernisation de la gastronomie française
Crédit : Pixabay

The meeting of the arts

The Fooding did not hold a grudge, although at the beginning, its sector was in the picket line compared to the others. Today, he brings several worlds together around him. It brings together singers, stars from various fields, celebrities, etc.

To put it simply, we must admit that during these twenty years, good strategies have been adopted on several levels. This is what made Fooding take an important place in French gastronomy.



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