The end of the year celebrations are a very happy time of the year when the festive atmosphere spreads everywhere. The first places where this joyful atmosphere is quickly felt are the houses. However, there are times when you don’t always know how to decorate your home even after the holidays. Do not panic ! This article will show you the best decorating tips for this occasion.

Define a decoration theme

Defining a theme for the decoration that we are about to achieve is a task to be accomplished with great interest for a good continuity of the sequel. This will allow the accessories to be used to be perfectly coordinated so that the rendering forms an atmosphere that is easy to guess.

To this end, there are an infinite number of themes from the most classic to the most modern and which fit in with the end of the year celebrations. The theme you choose should perfectly suit your needs and especially how you plan to spend these holidays.


Décoration de sa maison
Crédit : Pixabay

Choosing the right colors

Colors are a very crucial pillar of a successful party decoration. Indeed, the colors of your decoration must easily match those of the interior of the rooms. These colors should ideally be two, but you can go up to three. Beyond this number, your decoration will be loaded with color and therefore less interesting.

The traditional colors for these occasions are red + green for Christmas and gray + gold then red + white for Christmas Eve. However, you have to let your creativity speak by opting for more daring color compositions. These include, among others, silvery white + lime green; beige + golden gold; off-white + gray; pink + purple + white; etc.

Diversify light sources

We can’t talk about holiday party decorations without addressing the essential point of lighting. In fact, the magical side that characterizes these annual events is mainly represented by the lights. It is therefore essential to use several light sources such as candles, paper lanterns, candles, tealight holders, and other light accessories.

Carefully select decorative accessories

The success of any decoration depends in large part on the accessories that constitute it and the role that each one plays. Year-end decorations are no exception to this rule and therefore require careful selection of accessories. The accessories that easily find their place in an end-of-year decor are among others:

Fir ;
The garlands ;
Balls ;
Wall stickers;
The ribbons;
The packaging of gift packages;
Flowers in bouquet or in detail;
Origamis in plain or fluorescent papers;
Socks (preferably red)

You can also use:

Animal cuddly toys
Gold or silver glitter for a winter touch
The figurines
A carpet at the foot of the tree
A crown
Stencils …
To show creativity

To make your decoration as original as possible, be sure to be very creative in its design. An effective trick every time is to use everyday objects that have nothing to do with decoration as design accessories.


Décoration de sa maison
Crédit : Pixabay

Pay attention to the symbiosis of accessories.

This is the sine qua non so that your decoration does not appear flashy or disoriented. To be sure, each accessory must have a really useful role in the decoration. Although for some accessories such as candles, a reasonable large number is not a problem, it is not the same when there are more than two trees. You must identify each of the accessories to use and their role beforehand to define their exclusivity or the number that is more reasonable.




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